Photo Booths are the perfect Ice Breaker!


When you rent a photo booth, its an easy way to ignite a fun, creative and entertaining environment to any event.  It brings endless entertainment and is a creative way to break the ice, bring people and familes together (especially ones that don't tend to mingle), and encourages them to be excited and fun behind the curtain.  Remember the old time booths? How funny it was to see grandma and grampa kissing in oversized glasses, or watching tons of folks trying to cram into a photo booth?  The one thing you saw in EVERY photo booth crowd were SMILES!


About our Booth


Our booth is made of the hightest quality materials on the market today.  We use a Professional Canon T5i with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet which is controlled through the best photo booth software available called DarkRoom Booth.  This software allows us to custom design the photo strip that will print to your guests.  We use a dye-sublimation printer, which prints your photos in about 14 seconds!  No cheap webcams or inkjet printers here!  All of this is housed in a professionally built booth.  The booth also has built in LEDs, so it can glow with the color of your events theme!


Enclosure Options


We currenly offer two types of booth.  We offer what is called an "Open Air" booth, which is just like it sounds.  its a background with a stand up kiosk that is open for everyone to see.  We also offer an "Inflatable Igloo"


The Open Air can accomodate up to 10-12 adults, while the Enclosed Igloo can fit 3-4.


Pricing and Packages

2 Hour Rental

Our 2 hour rental is perfect for a small party, school or corporate funtion.  Heres whats included:

1 Print per person, per session (unlimited sessions), High Quality Props, Basic Photo Strip Design, Open Air Booth, and a Photo Booth Ambassador 



3 Hour Rental

Our 3 hour rental is perfect for larger events, weddings, etc.   Here  is whats included:

1 Print per person, per session (unlimted sessions), High Quality Props, Custom designed photo strip, a thumb drive with all the pictures taken and/or a DropBox File, a Photo Booth Ambassador, and your choice of booth (open air or our Igloo).



4 Hour Rental

Our 4 hour rental is perfect for your larger corporate events, weddings, etc.  Here is whats included:

1 Print per person, per session (unlimited sessions), High Quality Props, Custom designed photo strip, thumb drive and DropBox file, a Photo Booth Ambassador, your choice of booth, a memory book, and a social media uploading station, which allows users to post pictures directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or text.



*Pricing is based on an event with up to 500 anticipated guests.  If your event is expected to have more than that, please ask about our special pricing


**The photo book and social media uploading station can be added to any package for $125/each or $200 for the pair.


***There is a $50 security deposit to secure the date, and is included in the prices listed above. Travel time is calculated at a rate of $25/hour each way, and is not included in the prices above.  Travel time is calculated from Campton, NH 03223.












Our Photo Booths


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